Lauren Bennion

Founder & President

She holds a Bachelor of Arts in applied psychology and has 3 years experience as a group counselor supervisor in residential behavioral healthcare.  Three years ago, Lauren was miraculously healed from a life-long battle with bipolar & suicide.  Since then, Lauren has had a passion to bridge the gap she saw between the church and mental health professionals.  That passion led to the founding of Speak Out, a movement dedicated to providing practical training and tools to both churches and mental health professionals to better meet the mental health needs of those in the church.


Danny Hazen

Co-Founder & Vice-President

He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in theology with a minor in psychology and has seven years experience in residential mental health and addictions counseling.  His areas of expertise include crisis management, deescalation, grounding skills, trauma informed care, and behavioral healthcare.  Danny is passionate about working with those in society who are most marginalized and underserved.  While he has training and experience with all demographics, his heart lies in helping adolescents’ and families deconstruct unhealthy narratives and develop more empowering identities that lead to deeper connections and more secure bonds.